My Experience Using Cannabis Oil

How I used Cannabis Oil

1. As always, check with your medical professional first!

2. The condition- Around the February of 2017, while carrying a 25kg drum of MSM down the staircase, I had slipped and twisted my left foot in an odd way, at the time of the injury, I felt no pain or swelling, as per usual I carried on with my work and then went to bed around 10 pm. Around 3 am in the morning I started feeling sharp pains on my foot, the pain was around the ankles then the metatarsals. I then woke up and applied the DMSO/MSM gel and this drastically reduced the pain within 10 minutes of application to such an extent that I could actually apply pressure on my foot and walk. I then went back to bed to get some shut eye but then the oddest thing happened, my body went into shock. In the blistering hot weather, I was shivering with cold and my heart beat was through the roof. This was the first time in my life I had experienced this and I did not know what to do. Around 5 am I eventually fell asleep and woke up at 8 am. Upon waking I had no pain in my foot except when I applied pressure on it, which I found quite odd as there was no swelling at all. I then began applying the DMSO/MSM gel every 2 to 3 hours and this drastically alleviated the pain. I continued with my day as per usual and went to bed around 10 pm. Around 3 am, I woke up and went in to shock again. My wife then convinced me to go to the hospital. At the hospital, upon doing X rays, the results showed that I had fractured my ankle in 2 places. The nurses casted my leg up and sent me on my way and prescribed Tramadol. I did not get the Tramadol, have you seen the side effects of Tramadol???

Once I reached home, I began combining my msm protocol with a quarter teaspoon Cissus Q to assist in reducing the inflammation and speed up the recovery of the fractures. During the day I was okay, however at night My body would still go into shock in the early hours of the morning and I really did not know what to do to calm my nerves. I also found that the cast that was moulded on my leg was getting tighter and less blood circulation was going to my leg. Eventually, a week and half later I removed the cast myself as I did not want to go back to hospital, as soon as the cast was removed I felt relief, however I still did not know what to do about the body shock I was experiencing.  A friend of mine then advised me to use cannabis.

3. The cannabis protocol- After 2 weeks of searching and finding a reputable supplier, I obtained 3ml of the cannabis oil. Every night, an hour before going to bed, I would take a drop and place it in an empty capsule and swallow it. The first time I used it, I placed a drop beneath my tongue, however this took too long to absorb and the taste was just horrible, it is for this reason I used an empty capsule.

4. The side effects- The very first side effect was the taste of the Cannabis oil. The first night, I felt no effect until early hours of the morning when I woke up to use the toilet. I was as high as a kite LOL, however I did not wake up in shock or suffer from it. I found that I went to sleep much easier as well and I was more relaxed and the quality of my sleep was much better. When I woke up to begin my day, I was much more hungrier then usual, which I expected. The second night I used the empty capsule to swallow the cannabis, It took effect much quicker and again my sleep quality was excellent. I continued this for a week. During the second week, I decided not to take the oil to see what would happen. Wouldn’t you know it, I slept like a baby without waking up in shock. Overall the cannabis oil definitely helped me with relaxing my body and mind. I occasionally still use the cannabis oil to assist me with my sleep, however I take it very early so that the high effect wares off by the time I wake up the next morning. I have combined 1ml of the cannabis oil with 10ml of pure DMSO in a dropper bottle and use 3 to 5 drops when needed. This may be too strong or too weak for some people, so the best thing to do would be is to assess your tolerance level through trial and error. Overtime your body will build up a resistance to the oil so you will have to increase your dosage or take some time off the oil (more or less 4 weeks) and then restart with it again.