My Journey To Discovery

My Journey to Discovery

Since 2004 I suffered with neuritis and it was misdiagnosed for gout, I was living off anti inflammatory’s for a very long time, in 2006 when I started working it just got worse, every doctor and podiatrist I went to consistently misdiagnosed my condition for gout. Around 2007 It got even worse and became tarsal tunnel syndrome, during this time I also started working out at the gym and eating healthier to counter the effects of the supposed “gout”.

Eventually I went to the podiatrist at the place where I worked and he picked up that I had neuritis. He made insteps for me to support my arch, however this made the tarsal tunnel syndrome worse which nobody picked up at all so again the doctors and specialists diagnosed it as “gout”. Eventually around 2010, I went to the sports clinic and they couldn’t find anything wrong at all, at this point in time I had also suffered with an injury at the gym which no medication could help with, tricep tendonitis just near the elbow joint.

This is when I really started intensifying my research to try to find out what was wrong and what the alternatives were and I came across a video of DMSO on youtube where a fitness trainer used it. So I thought what the hell, I tried everything else so what do I have to lose. I went to my closest pharmacy and asked for DMSO and the pharmacist looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language, and the pharmacist had absolutely no idea what i was asking for. So again I started looking for DMSO everywhere but just couldn’t find it, no pharmacists even knew what I was talking about, even the doctors did not know it. I than found a European website that had it and I bought it online. It took about a month to get here and once it arrived, I immediately opened it. At that point I didn’t know much on how to use DMSO, so I just applied it to my elbow, it burnt like crazy but that the next day my elbow wasn’t paining anymore and my mobility was excellent, than I thought let me try it on my foot for the Tarsal Tunnel and again it worked. The relief was almost immediate.

However the tarsal tunnel syndrome was still very persistent. The DMSO helped with the tarsal tunnel syndrome even though at that point i didn’t know what it was but eventually the tarsal tunnel got so bad that every week my foot would swell up. In the beginning of 2012 I decided to look more into the specifics of what was happening to my foot, eventually I came up with 2 conclusions, either it was tarsal tunnel syndrome or metertarsalgia. I booked an appointment at the orthopedic surgeon and I literally told him that I will not pay him if he tells that I have “gout”. I told the surgeon what I thought my condition was and he said well lets to a test and see if I was right , he did a test and he said I was 100% correct, he then sent me to a neurosurgeon to confirm the results through a shock response test.

Unfortunately the tarsal tunnel had gotten so bad that I had developed a growth on the nerve and had to have it cut out. I went for the operation and got the growth removed but when I went back to work, I was still on crutches and being a trainer I had to be on my feet and management was not willing to compromise, so the wound began opening up and my other foot also began developing the tarsal tunnel because of the pressure. Eventually I resigned to rest and relax until I was properly back on my feet. Within 3 months I was 100%, I used the left over DMSO I had to flatten my scar and speed up the healing.

In mid 2013 my parents travelled overseas and they brought back 2 x 500ml bottles of DMSO for me. I thought to myself that “I’m pretty sure there must be other people looking for this” and that’s when I had the light bulb moment of starting up a DMSO website in the hope of making DMSO more accessible to others and hopefully helping them with their conditions. Overs the years, my eyes were opened to a world of alternatives other than conventional medication. I’ve learned about the healing properties of Cannabis, a WHOLE LOT of herbs, precious metals like colloids & Ormus and even essential oils. This made me realize that there is hope out there, there is an alternative, it just needs to be found or rediscovered or “un-hidden”. When you are at that point of giving up and feel that there is no hope, you must mentally persevere and over come it.

In essence the lesson I learned is Good health is a life long journey, it will never stop.