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MSM is a “naturally-occurring nutrient found in normal human diets” . It gets into the diet through the sulfur cycle. Ocean plankton release sulfur compounds which rise into the ozone where ultra-violet light makes MSM and DMSO. DMSO,dimethyl sulfoxide, is a precursor to MSM. MSM and DMSO return to the surface of the earth in rain. Plants concentrate MSM and return it to the earth and the sea. Evaporation into the air results in their return to the earth.

MSM has a unique action on body tissues. It decreases the pressure inside the cell. In removing fluids and toxins, sulfur affects the cell membrane. MSM is an organic form of sulfur, whereas
sulfites in foodstuffs are inorganic, “sulfur is present in all cells” and is in the form of “organic compounds throughout the body”.However, sulfur can be found in the body in sulfate forms. It forms sulfate compounds with sodium, potassium, magnesium, and selenium. MSM a member of the sulfur family and should never be confused with sulfa drugs to which some people are

It may be effective to relieve pain caused by:
• Improved the chemical profile of arthritic patients (e.g. providing relief from pain and stiffness.)Reduced swelling and inflammation
• Reducing or eliminating hypersensitivity problems associated with oral medications (such as nonsteroidal antiarthritic agents).
• Pain Associated with Systematic Inflammatory Disorders
• Individuals presenting signs and symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with various
musculoskeletal system disorders reported substantial and long lasting relief while including MSM in their daily diet.
Muscle Cramps / Other:
• Muscle cramps, Muscle spasms, Night leg cramps, Leg and back cramps after long periods of
inactivity or in Athletes such as runners who experience cramps during the participation in their sport.
• Migraine sufferers have obtained substantial relief with MSM, when applied to neck muscles and temples.
• Pain associated with Bruises, Skin Problems, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Varicose Veins, Tendonitis, Burns and Sunburn.

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